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April Connors

Los Angeles based Illustrator, Author,Comics creator, and Instructor.  

Life Drawing Instruction 

University of California, Los Angeles, TFT

Netflix Animation

Warner Animation Group

Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Mill Advertising Agency

EIDO, Professional Training for Guild Members

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Otis College of Art and Design, Fashion Department

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art

3Kicks Fine Art Studio

Drawing/Painting Instruction; Guest Lecturer: Chiapas, Mexico; Hong Kong, China



2018: "The Figure: Motion and Emotion" group show

           The Animation Guild


2013:  "Natilla" Solo Show

            Found Gallery and Boutique

            Los Angeles

2013:  "I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours" Group                    Show

            Suede Studio and Gallery, Los Angeles

2013:  "12x12x12" Charity Group Show,

             Keystone Fine Art Studios

             Proceeds Donated to Create LA

2012:  "To Hong Kong with Love"  Solo Show

            Senses 99 Gallery

            SoHo, Hong Kong, China

2011:  "Rostros E Identidades" Group Show

            ATELIER Casa de Arte

            San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico



Simplified Figure Construction/Construcción de la Figura, Simplificada by April Connors, 2018, Print

Gesture Drawing: A Story-Based Approach by April Connors, CRC Press, 2017, Print

Toasty Biscuits by April Connors, Hong Kong, 1188 Art and Design, 2011, Print


"Gesture Drawing Fundamentals" by April Connors,

The Gnomon Workshop, 2021, Online Video Tutorial

"Developing Storytelling Skills From Life" by April Connors, The Gnomon Workshop, 2016, Online Video Tutorial


The Drawing Club Book by Bob Kato, Quarry Books, 2014, print


2016:  Animal/Human Gesture Drawing:  Exploring Movement and Weight via Horse and Rider;  Gnomon School of VFX

2017:  Motorcycle Drawing Session:  Using Vis Com and Figure Drawing to Solve Complex Scenarios;  Gnomon School of VFX

2017:  An Evening of Acting and Gesture Drawing:  Co-taught with Lee Strasburg Theatre and Film Institute Acting Instructor Rachel Bailit; Exploring Method Acting to Strengthen Storytelling in Gesture Drawing; Gnomon School of VFX

2018:  An Evening of Method Acting and Gesture Drawing, Vol 2: Co-taught with acting instructor Rachel Bailit; The Continued Exploration of Method Acting and Gesture Drawing; Gnomon School of VFX

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